An Much-Needed Escape from the Busy World: ESCAPE Theme Park

ESCAPE Theme Park

While all of us are busy keeping up with the fast-forwarded world, we all have lost the kid in us somewhere down the line. The only thing that can make up to our efforts would be a really nice break, and where else than Escape? Ever want to be a kid again, to run away from the race of the world or to just not worry at all for a while? Well, Escape Theme Park is the one stop solution to all your worries, we tell you why.


ESCAPE is located at JalanTelukBahang in TelukBahang, Penang.

Best time to visit:

The ideal time to visit the park, while enjoying other tourist attractions as well, would be around November to January with its favorable weather conditions. While Penang is blooming with tourists during this period of time, February to April would be ideal for a quieter visit with a minimum rush and moderate weather.

How to reach:

The theme and adventure park located in TelukBahang can be directly reached from KL by road either by taxi, cab or car. You can also take connecting buses or trains and ferry. If you’re coming from KL, try staying in Pahang itself as it is not possible to fully enjoy the park in a day tour while being able to go up and down to KL.

Places to explore:

Escape is probably the only place where you’re literally a kid, literally. They categorize people into four groups, namely:

  • Future Kid: 0-3 years
  • Junior Kid: 4-12 years
  • Big Kid: 13-60 years
  • Super Kid: 60+ years

Now, how good is that! Of course, apart from naming the categories for people, the price range also changes considerably with Big Kid category being the most expensive one and Future Kid being totally free.

The theme park is Adventure cum Water Park with a lot to offer to its visitors. Here are the ones to must enjoy at the park:

  • Monkey Business
  • Atan’s Leap
  • Kite Flyer
  • Tubby Racer
  • Gecko Tower
  • Foxy Burrow
  • Tots Trail
  • Go Ape
  • Zoom Bug
  • Flying Fox
  • Discovery Dig
  • Banana Flip
  • Water Fun
  • Family Twister
  • Speed Racer

Apart from all of these, there are also several fun jungle activities for everyone.


Since Penang has a huge demand by tourists, the accommodation facilities are not just a choice, but a need here and hence is readily available. The facilities range from luxurious high-end hotels to simple budget lodgings.

Where and what to eat:

There are a number of food stalls and café in the park where you can have snacks and fill your stomach. The payments here are done through the e-wallet of the ticket. If you’re looking for heavy food or lunch, you need to go outside the park as no such place is available inside the premises.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Try to get your tickets online from the official website for a better rate.
  • You can use credit cards or cash to top-up your e-wallet attached to the ticket. There are several kiosks where you can add extra credit to your e-wallet and the unused credits can be refunded before returning, at the kiosks itself.
  • Timing: 9 AM to 6 PM, Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Make sure to get some extra cash before visiting in order to avoid chaos. There are several ATMs and money changers around the city.
  • The same local SIM works throughout Malaysia. Get yourself one to get a reasonable rate and better connectivity.