Bako National Park

bako national park

Bako National Park is one of the oldest National Park in Kuching Division Sarawak Malaysia covering the northern tip of Maura TebasPenisula, an area of 27 km. Bako has a wide range of vegetation Swamp forest, mangrove forest, and cliff vegetation. It has various kind of animals including monkeys, squirrels, Lizard, wild boar among them monkeys are more famous as all species that are found in Borneo can be seen here. Boko National park has an extensive network of trails including TelokPakuUlu Assam having beautiful vegetation all around within the trails. Boko also has white sand beaches which provide visitors with resting ground.

bako national park


It is located at the Maura Tebas Penisula at the mouth of Bako ND Kuching rivers in Kuching Divison, Sarawak Malaysia  which is approximately 40 km from the Kuching


Borneo receives heavy rainfall during November to January due to the South China Sea and route to Boko Park is by boat .so, it is better to visit in the dry month during March and October.


bako national park

Boko located within 37 km range of Kuching and there are three ways to travel from Kuching to Boko village by bus, taxi, and flight. The route to Boko village and Boko National Park is via boat as you have to cross Santubong River.


bako national park

The system of TREKS and Trails. Bako extensive system of Trek and Trails comprise of 16 in number which provides some beautiful vegetation with options of walking, Camping in the Forest and hiking.

White Sand Beaches: It provides a perfect resting place within the jungles where you can swim in cool water and rest on the beach to get some can also refresh your mood by the beautiful pattern made by swift flying over the beach during evening time.

Bird Watching: If you are bird lover then you can see various species of bird including Woodpeckers,  Rubby kingfisher, owl e.t.c.


There are Lodge types of room available in Boko National Park where you can book the room if you want to stay at National Park in the night otherwise, room with all facility can be booked near the Kuching city where modern Hotels like Pulman Hotels, Damai Beach Resort, Hilton hotels and many more.


bako national park

At Bako, you have the option of Park Café where you can get greasy noodles, stale rice and snacks. There are not so many cafés in the National Park so you have to take food near the city of Kuching where all kinds of food are available.


  • OLDEST NATIONAL PARK. It is one of the oldest National Park located in Malaysia established in 1957.
  • The ONLY ROUTE VIA BOAT: From Boko village, you have one and  only option to travel by Boat which is just Fascinating
  • HOMELAND TO VARIETY OF FLORA AND FAUNA: Almost all kind of plants and animals that are found in Borneo from monkeys, squirrels, hornbill alligators and forest including swamp, mangrove grasslands are found.
  • TREK TRAILS AND BEACHES. Boko trails and trek system having 16 in number provides the visitor to roam in forest, trekking and Safari ride. Boko beaches are just amazing within the jungle where you can take rest after swimming in water.