clearwater cave malaysia

Clearwater Cave is Asia’s longest cave measuring around 107 km. It was discovered in 1978 by Geographical society Mulu but it was just beginning as several expeditions in subsequent years has increased its lengthThis cave system is situated in Gunung Mulu National park several other caves such as Blackrock cave 24 km long discovered in 1988, Whiterock cave discovered in 2003 having length of 104 km, Wind cave and Leopard cave has made this an interconnected network of cave which runs  around 277 km in length.


Clearwater cave is located in Gunung Mulu National park Sarawak Malaysia,  We can say that it is located under the western Margins of GunungApi between the Milenge Gorge and Cave of the Wind.


Location of this park is within the vast deep jungles of Borneo which is not affected by monsoon and typhoon seasons, however, it is more difficult to travel in the dry month of July and September.


First of all, a tourist has to reach Gunung Mulu National park for this Tourist use to take flight from Miri to Mulu which takes around 30 minutes to visit and there is a daily flight of MASwings which operates twice a day. Mulu can also be reached by boat for the adventurous passenger. From Gunung Mulu NP you have to reach Melinau l river than by boat you will reach Wind Cave which will direct you in Clearwater Cave.


WIND CAVE This cave is interconnected with Clearwater Cave, it gots its name because of the cool breeze which is felt at the narrow parts of the cave.  has many impressive stalactites, stalagmites, flow racks, helictites and rock corals


You can get hotels around the national park with all modern facility. All room have an air conditioner and separate bathroom, rooms are available in double bed and single bed. Garden room and bungalow types room are also available there, you can also go to the café, wi-fi facility and many more.


WHERE TO EAT.when you visit Mulu you can eat inside the HQ. However, there are lots of hotels outside the park where you can eat. Cafe Mulu inside the park provides a variety of Asian and western food, noodles, tea, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks you can get there. outside the HQ there are other Sweet Water and Good luck cafe where you can eat.


  • INTERCONNECTED NETWORK OF CAVE: Clearwater cave, Wind cave, Leopard cave, Whiterock cave and many other caves provide a network of worlds largest cave system.
  • PROVIDES SOME SPECIAL FEATURE: These caves like in Wind cave you will get the cool breeze to feel, inside the Clearwater cave river flowing inside the floor can be easily heard. You will get some cool breezes passing by you.
  • Pool outside: After coming out of the cave there is pool area where you can bath and get refreshed and can have a picnic for enjoyment.