Enjoy The Beauty Of Langkawi flight

Langkawi flight

The Langkawi International Airport is situated on a duty-free island named Langkawi in Kedah. The airport is about 25 minutes’ drive from Kuah town which is the capital of Langkawi.


Initially, Langkawi had a small landing strip. This landing strip was barely used by 20 passengers a day before 1987. In the same year major development took place and by July 1987 the airport went into operation as a “legit” airport. The first international flight was welcomed to the airport in the coming year. The airport gradually went under more development and renovation and in 1991 after many improvements, Langkawi International Airport was put on the map since it had started hosting the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA). The airport is much known for the LIMA exhibition which takes place once in every two years. LIMA is one of the biggest and best air shows on planet earth till date. Now just the air show, but it is also known for its exhibition which introduces to the world the most advanced and up to date technologies and gadgets in the aerospace/airline industry.

With time more and more tourists discovered the hidden beauty of Langkawi and this resulted in another airport expansion in the year 1995. Previously, the car parking space was limited to 100 cards but now the airport can cope up with 500 cars. The arrival and departure halls are now four times the size they were earlier. The airport has now been redesigned to accommodate 2.5 million passengers a year. At peak rush hours, the airport is subjected to more than 1000 passengers an hour.

The airport handled 1,539,271 passengers and 39,815 flights in the year 2009.


Even though Langkawi International Airport is not a huge airport, a lot of airlines take off and land to the numerous number of places. These companies include Aeroflot, AirAsia, Berjaya Air, China Southern Airlines, Finnair, Firefly, Malaysia Airlines, SilkAir, Royal Brunel, Myanmar Airways International, Air Mauritius, Malindo Air, Sri Lankan Airlines, Etihad Airways, Oman Air, Tiger Air, Japan Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Qatar Airways and American Airlines.


In 2013, Langkawi International Airport was awarded the Best Small Airport (Asia- Pacific) ASQ Award.

Routes and Destinations

The Langkawi International Airport offers both domestic and International flights. These include:

Passenger Airlines:

  • Domestic Airlines: Airline companies such as Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Royal Burnel, TigerAir, Firefly and Malindo Air follow domestic routes which include places such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Selangor, Subang.
  • International Airlines: International Airline companies include Aeroflot, China Southern Airlines, Myanmar Airways International, Air Mauritius, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways. Oman Air, Japan Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and American Airlines which follows International routes via Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Penang.

Cargo Airlines: Separate cargo airlines do not operate through this airport as the airport is small in size and incapable of hosting cargo flights.

Why fly through this airport?

How to check-in

A number of Check-in counters are available throughout the airport. Make sure you have your ticket, ID card and Passport/Visa in case of International travel. Passengers are supposed to go to the check-in counters with their ticket, picture ID, and Visa, if applicable.

Baggage and Allowance

Passengers are to be made sure that they don’t have any dangerous items in their bag such as flammable lighter or sharp object. Please make yourself aware of the airline weight limits from the respective companies and make sure you do all the formalities properly, also double check this information on your ticket. You will have to pay an extra fee if you want to carry baggage beyond the Airlines baggage limit. If you do not wish to carry a particular baggage, you can handle it to an airline’s cabin but make sure has been marked as cabin luggage. Afterward, you will be given a boarding pass after which you shall be required to further proceed to the aircraft.


Confirm your seating position either at the airport’s desk or online. This will help you have an easy time during departure and will also save time at the airport.

Booking fee

Each airline has different booking fees hence it is important to be familiar with the different booking fees.

Other services

  • Transportation: There is no public transportation system available around the island of Langkawi. The airport provides both taxi and rental car service. For taxi, you can buy a coupon at the desk in the arrival hall and proceed towards exiting the airport. Here you will find airport cabs and you can hand over the coupon to any of the drivers available. For renting cars, there is a car rental counter near the exit of the arrival hall.
  • Banks: The Langkawi International Airport has a bank, Maybank which is situated beside the arrival hall door beside the Starbucks Café. The bank also provides services such as money exchanging.
  • ATM: ATM machines from Al-Rajhi and Maybank are available opposite to the Arrival hall.
  • Public Phones: Near to the end of the arrival hall, there are a bunch of public phones provided. You can use Malaysian coins, a phone card or even your credit card to make calls.
  • Trolleys: Trolleys are available free of cost at the curbside of the arrival and departure hall.