Go Back in Time with the Chinese History at the Chinese Heritage Museum

chinese heritage museum johor bahru

The Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museum is a four-story building, which is home to a vast number of antique assets belonging to the earlier settlements of Chinese people in the country. If you are a history lover, you’d probably be already wondering about the huge cultural diversity of Malaysia. It’s the perfect time to dive deeper into the history of one of the largest community in the country.


The Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museum is located in Jalan Ibrahim of Johor Bahru, in the States of Johor.

Best time to visit:

There is no best time of the year to visit the historical museums. However, considering the weather outside it would be suggested to visit during the dry months between April and October. If we were to talk about the best time of the day to visit, it’d be around 1 to 2 PM as it’s the most popular time for the visitors.

 How to reach:

There are several ways to reach to the museum from Kuala Lumpur. One way would be to get to the Senai Airport from Kuala Lumpur and then take a taxi, cab or bus for the museum. Another route is direct via road. You can hire a cab or taxi or even take a bus from KL. When traveling on a bus, you’ll probably have to change the bus once you reach Johor Bahru. The total time from KL to the museum would vary from 4 to 5 hours via road. There is an option for railways too which takes around 6 to 7 hours and reasonably fits everyone’s budget.

What to expect:

The four-story building has each story dedicated to a separate historical era and episodes of the Chinese heritage of the country. Each major event in the Chinese history of Malaysia is described in chronological order, ranging from 1844 to 2004, spanning around 160 years. However, the Chinese settlement in the country actually dates back to the ancient times around the 14th century itself.

chinese heritage museum johor bahru

The exterior of the museum is quite simple and was renovated into the colonial style as of this day. A lot of the exhibits are the possessions of the Chinese settlement brought by them during the earlier days. You might find it a little small and not having too much to show, but once you start going through each and everything that’s there, it’d probably take you ages to be back. You can find several artifacts including old coins, documents, musical instruments and a lot more.

There was a lot given by the Chinese communities which played a great role in forming the country into what it is today. With Cantonese bringing their carpentry skills, Hainanese bringing in their trendy coffee-shops and the Hakka Hans bringing in the Chinese medicines, a lot happened over this period of time. There are two more Chinese settlements in Malaysia different dialects, namely Hokkien and Teochew.


There are a number of accommodations and even restaurants available around the museum in Johor Bahru. The accommodation facility ranges from 5-star luxury to simple lodging or homestays.

 Things to keep in mind:

  • The visiting hours of the museum are from 9 AM to 5 PM, Tuesday to Sunday. The museum is closed on Monday.
  • There are different entry prices for adults and children or senior citizens.
  • Several ATMs and money changers could be found in the metropolis. Bring enough change-cash with you before visiting the museum.
  • Buy a local Malaysian SIM to experience good communication throughout your visit in Malaysia.