Heights of Fun at Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park

Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park

When you have kids around, it’s difficult to choose a perfect hangout place for the entire family, apart from your home of course. Sometimes, just being with your friends might not be enough, well until you find out a fun place to be in. Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park is the exact place where your hangouts turn into extreme fun, offering a place for every age group.

Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park


Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park, as the name suggests, is located in Mount Austin area in Johor Bahru in the State of Johor.

Best time to visit:

There is no particular time to visit this place and the only factor to affect your opinion should be the weather. We recommend visits during comparatively dry weather between the months of April to October. However, be warned that the weather might be extremely hot during May, June, and July. The operating hours of the park are from 10 AM to 10 PM daily.

Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park

How to reach:

The park is located just a few kilometers from the Johor Bahru city center. There are several ways to reach the place including via air, road and railways. The shortest route would be via air while the cheapest would be via rail. One can also hire a taxi or cab or even travel via bus.

Places to explore:

The park has a lot to offer to every age group of people. Here are the three different yet equally thrilling parts of the park:

  • Adventure Park

The Adventure Park has 7 difficulty levels with 51 different obstacles, not everyone’s cup of tea to be honest. These adventures include:

  • Zip Line and Super Zip Line
  • Tunnel Crossing
  • Rope Trapeze
  • Jamor Crossing
  • Pennetta Bridge
  • Pirate Crossing
  • Needwood Crossing
  • Half Cris Crossing
  • Half Tic Tac Toe
  • Small U
  • Water Park

With a number of rides and activities, the water park is definitely the one place with most of the fun. Chances are that just one visit isn’t going to be enough for this place.Here are the rides you can witness.

Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park

  • Supersurf
  • Yellow Wall
  • Racer Bowl
  • Wave Pool
  • Splash World
  • G-Force Alley
  • Lazy River
  • “Hola-Flora” TOTs Play
  • Rainbow Hood
  • Uphill Battle
  • Austin Wave Pool
  • Sports and Leisure Park

This is another fun part of the park which includes:

  • Drift in Austin
  • Jump Street
  • Slam Dunk
  • Dodgeball Court
  • Tropical Ice Skating Rink


The accommodation facilities vary from high-end luxury to budget lodging as well as homestays near Austin Heights.

 Where and what to eat:

Inside the premises of the park, one can have the pleasure of the decent food served inside the premises of the park. Enjoy eating and relaxing at the Tropical Cabana with a separate barbeque area too. Groundbreaker Rock Venue is another place to chill and relax while enjoying the concerts and music shows, located next to the Wave Pool. Grab a few drinks at Summer Breeze Bar or enjoy light snacks from Mini Bite Food Carts.

Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park

 Things to keep in mind:

  • You cannot bring food into the park.
  • Locker services are available for the entire day in two different sizes.
  • Check out the combo offers or other offers online before buying the tickets.
  • There are ATMs and money changers available near the place but we’d suggest taking enough change cash with you.
  • Get yourself a local Malaysian SIM before you start exploring Malaysia to get an undisturbed and comparatively cheaper connection.