Malaysia Points Of Interest

    Petronas Tower

    Forget the ordinary tourist destinations and go for the unique experiences in Malaysia. It has some really weird attractions which are simply worth exploring for foreign visitors. If you are planning to visit the wonderland of Malaysia and you need to chalk out the best Points Of Interest to visit then our below list can help you thoroughly.

    Niah Caves in Sarawak: The Caves is the most ancient human habitat of East Malaysia. The archaeological discovery says, it is almost 40,000 years old. You still can see the cave paintings from thousand years back. It’s a huge, majestic discovery of limestone caves!

    Niah Caves

    Museum dedicated to ghosts: At 57, Lebuh Melayu in Georgetown, the Penang Ghost museum is the weirdest museum of different types of ghouls and ghosts from a vast array of backgrounds and cultures. Visitors are allowed to pose for pictures with the ghosts and the details of legends related to them. It’s the most interesting and unique experience in the world.

    Adopt a baby orang-utan: Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sabah was built in 1964 to rehabilitate orphan orangutans. The center allows visitors to observe the daily activity of orangutans in the natural habitat. Want to do something meaningful? You can even adopt a baby for a day to support the efforts of the center to do better work for animals! However, you can’t bring them home.

    Lavish Shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur

    Once you step into any of the shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, you’ll realize this country has taken retail therapy very seriously. You’ll discover more than 8 world class malls within a small area of central KL while only 20 minutes away there are 12 shopping centers at Klang Valley area. Each mall is full of versatile collections and another entertaining atmosphere which will give you a pretty diverse shopping experience.

    Mid Valley Megamall

    Wet market Kota BharuI: Kota Bharu is known for its great authentic markets. Get yourself soak in the water while enjoying the best shopping of your life. The city reflects the best of traditional Malaysia.  The city is the starting point of your trip to see some charming tropical islands of Malaysia.  However, avoid the city during October to March because of heavy rainfall.

    Wet market Kota Bharu

    Mount Kinabalu on Borneo:  It’s the highest mountain of Malaysia. The mountain stands by the northern part of the Sabah state, in Borneo. If the mountain calls you, you should come to Kota Kinabalu. Once you come downhill you will be exhausted with some awesome memories. It’s the most spectacular attraction of Malaysia.

    Mount Kinabalu on Borneo