niah national park

NIAH  National Park located within Miri division, Sarawak  Malaysia is the site of one of the oldest remains discovered in Southeast Asia, it is famous for its Niah cave, painted cave and has total geographical area extensions around 31.4 (sq km).It was during 1958 that human remains of the skull were found there, Rock painting indicates these were used as a burial ground in olden days. this park is not only visited by the visitors around the world but is used by local tribesmen for hunting the edible bird, apart from the cave there are Bukit Kasut trails where you will see different types of vegetation and beautiful panorama of the rainforest canopy. There are other Trails named as Madu Trails where you will see plenty of orchid, bizarre mushrooms and other plants.


It is located within Miri division, Sarawak Malaysia around 17 km from south china sea. Main cave Niah is located on SunghaiNiah or Niahriver. It is situated around 3 km from the small town of BatuNiah.


Though it is not affected by the monsoon, you can visit in the colder month or in the month of June July but it is closed in January due to heavy flood.


It can be reached Niah National park by bus or taxi either from Bintulu or from Miri. From there you will be brought to town BathauNiah where the park HQ is situated, then you can take a taxi to reach the cave.


THE GREAT CAVE: It is a distance of around 3.5 km from the park HQ .you can go by walking and on the route, you will see some of the park wildlife, orchid, hornbill. First of the rock formation that you will get to see in is Traders cave where birds nest are easily seen. Iside the cave lots of archaeological photos can be seen. Here a large number of bats produce creepy sound, passage to this cave will let you to Padang where sunlight comes from hole making splendid rock formations. After this, you will get into a dark cave known as Moon cave.

PAINTED CAVE: Here you can see lots of Niah painting including of animals hunter and death ship showing journey after death.

TRAILS: There are two of Bukit Kasut and Madu trail where you can see a large number of the canopy and different variety of flora and fauna.


AT Niah you will get accommodations facility including hostel type room with a living facility.


There is a large number of café and restaurant in Miri where you can get Chinese, Asian, Indian food to eat at an affordable price inside the park there is no such facility.


  • The Great cave consisting of Traders cave, Padang, and Moon cave will give you a beautiful combination of sunlight and darkness and the scenic beauty around.
  • PAINTED cave .here painting of nyah sites can be found ranging from animals to human and death ship.
  • Trails .provide amazing beauty of vegetation and wildlife.
  • The site of one on of the oldest civilization where dead bodies remain have been found also known as Hell trench.
  • Longhouse, Here many families can live under one roof.