The Secret to the Legendary Recipes: Penang Tropical Spice Garden

Penang Tropical Spice Garden

The Tropical Spice Garden of Penang is the only spice garden in Southeast Asia and is also an award-winning farm. Spread across 8 acres, this secondary jungle is home to around 500 species of flora and fauna. If you’re planning a vacation to Penang, you probably already know its legacy in world-class food items. Well, its secret recipes might not be a secret anymore, once you get to explore its spice heaven, Tropical Spice Garden.


The spice garden is located in TelukBahang in George Town, Penang.

Best time to visit:

Well, visiting a spice garden must not depend on any other factor except your own choice and curiosity to know more. However, if the weather is your prime concern, worry not. The temperature here is relatively stable throughout the year. It is less humid during the months of February and March. The operating hours of the garden are from 9 AM to 6 PM, though the entry closes at 5:30 PM.

How to reach:

The island is connected to KL via several modes of transport including flights, buses, rails, cabs, and the likes. Once you reach the island, it is quite easy to get to the Tropical Spice Garden considering its connectivity with different places on the island and its popularity, being one of the must-visits in Penang. You can take RapidPG bus or even one of the connecting buses, or hire a cab or taxi to get here.

Penang Tropical Spice Garden

What to expect:

The beautiful spice garden has a lot to offer to its visitors and we suggest taking a guided tour to make the most out of your visit. One can also use the audio-guide and wander around the garden on their own. There are 3 main trails around the garden, which includes stairs and uphill walks, which lead to different places like waterfalls, structures made out of recycled materials. There is also a cooking school, located at the corner of the garden with a sight of the Andaman Sea, where you can get a first-hand experience with the world-famous Malay, Chinese or Indian cuisines. Come prepared with at least a little knowledge of Malaysian spices and cuisines to make your visit worth it.

Penang Tropical Spice Garden


The accommodations near the Tropical Spice Garden vary from 5-star luxury to budget lodgings. However, most people cover it in a day-trip and prefer staying in the city.

Where and what to eat:

There are a lot of amazing local places to each at near the garden, including the stalls near the beach right in front of the garden. However, the famous Tree Monkey Restaurant in the spice garden is enough to fill your tummy up and is open until midnight, providing free Wi-Fi to its customers.

Penang Tropical Spice Garden

Things to keep in mind:

  • It might be hard to find a taxi while returning back from the garden, make sure you come prepared with the timings and options.
  • Make sure to find a metered taxi, and if it’s difficult to (which probably will be) then agree on a mutual fare before riding it.
  • The entrance fee is around MYR 25 for an adult which includes a guided tour, with a limit of around 15 people per tour.
  • Carry drinking water (as it gets very humid) and a mosquito repellent (since you’re technically going down a jungle) with you.
  • Get enough cash with you from ATMs and money-changers available downtown for a hassle-free visit.
  • Buy a local SIM from outlets available at different places in town to get better and reasonable connectivity.