Pulau Kapas “The Most Amazing Island In Malaysia

pulau kapas

More easily accessed than other East Coast islands – it’s just 15 minutes by speedboat from the mainland – pretty Kapas is a worthy place to chill out for a few days.

Pulau Kapas popularly famous as Cotton Island, due to its soft white beaches like Kapas which mean cotton. This island is designated for marine park due to its white-sand beaches make it one of the cleanest beaches in Malaysia, and its aqua-marine waters are ideal for snorkeling and sea kayaking.

How to Reach the Island…?


Kapas is located just a few kilometers off the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the Terengganu province. Kapas island has no airport, the nearest airport to the island is Kuala Terengganu Airport from here you can get a bus or hire a cab to reach Marang Jetty, and the island is only a short twenty-five-minute ride from the mainland.

Best Time To Visit

The Best Time to Visit Kapas island is from March to September as during monsoon between October to February this island is closed for the visitor, Most of the shopkeeper,  resort staff move to the mainland to escape from the severe weather conditions during these months.

Get Around

As the Island is so small as it is easily accessible by foot which hardly take less than fifteen minutes to cover the entire island, apart from the jungle trek. Try snorkeling during the week, as the island becomes overrun with day-trippers on holidays and long weekends. In the unlikely event that even Kapas seems too large, tiny Pulau Gemia (home to the Gem Island Resort & Spa) sits just off the north coast. All accommodation on Kapas is concentrated on three small beaches on the west coast, but you can walk or kayak to quieter beaches. During the east-coast monsoon season (November to March), the seas are too rough and the island largely shuts down.

Things To Do On Pulau Kapas Island

Scuba Diving

One of the main reasons to visit this island is to explore the hidden secret of it’s underwater biodiversity. By swimming a minute off the shore you can find beautiful fish (tons of Nemo), turtles, coral, and even a couple sharks, and much more amazing stuff, you can experience once you go dip down the sea.

Beach Walk

All the places to stay, eat, and drink on Pulau Kapas are on the same side.  You can easily walk from one end, all the way down to the other end in about 20-30 minutes depending on how fast you are going.  It’s an amazing way to see all the main beaches and soak up the truly relaxing nature of the island.  The best part about doing this — the beautiful golden staircases that you will follow.  They just remind me of a stairway to heaven.  Such a beautiful sight!

Few More Things To Do 

  • Jungle Walk
  • Day Trip To Gem Island
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Beach Camping

Best Place To Eat 

  • Jetty Café
  • Kapas Beach Chalet
  • Cook Your Own Meal

Best Place To Stay

  • Gem Island Resort & Spa
  • LongSha Campsite Beach Camping
  • Kapas Island Resort
  • Captain’s Longhouse
  • Kapas Beach Chalet
  • Kapas Turtle Valley Resort

Things TO Keep In Your Mind

  • There are no ATM’s on the island, Bring CASH.   
  • Bring insect repellant, There are a lot of mosquitos on Kapas island
  • Bring a flashlight at night to walk around the island