Tioman Island


Pulau Island or Tioman Island is one of the largest volcanic islands across Malaysia, situated in the state of Pahang. In early 1970, this island was voted as one of the most beautiful islands in the world by Time magazine. If you are looking to visit the heaven then explore this paradise island is not less then heaven on earth. Let’s explore this beautiful island with Malaysia Tourism — The ultimate guide that helps you to discover Pulau Tioman Island of Malaysia from top activities to do … what to see, where to eat, best places to stay.


Best time to visit

The best time to visit Pulau Tioman Island is from Early March to November because this is the perfect time when the temperature is around 30°C. During the rainy season from Last November to Early February, all the tourist areas and boat services will remain closed.

How to get In 

If you are from anywhere in the world you must have to fly for Kuala Lumpur first, There are many airlines making direct flights to Kuala Lumpur.

Once you reach Kuala Lumpur, you have two option to get Tioman Island:

Firstly, By air to reach Tioman Island: From Kuala Lumpur, you have to take a taxi or public bus to reach Subang International Airport, from here you can fly to Pulau Tioman airport on the island which hardly takes an hour journey. The ticket price is range from 45 to 60 dollars/ticket

Secondly, by bus/Taxi: Malaysian bus companies provide routes to Mersing or Tanjung Gemok.  From here, you can take the Bluewater Express 35MYR for one way / 2 hours (about 8 dollars), or hire a speedboat or get on the ferry at the harbor to reach the island. The boat will stop at the beach or pier of Tioman Island depending on the places which you book the hotel.


Although this is a small island, due to the development of sea tourism orientation, there is a system of motels, hotels on Tioman island quite developed although the number is not really rich and diverse variety. It is mostly located in the popular low-cost level suitable for self-sufficiency trip of tourists.


You can choose from simple camps in the Mokhtar area, with the cost is less than 22 dollars/ night for 16m square meters of wooden rooms, clean and only a few steps from the sea. In Juara, there are many cheap rooms, near the sea, typically the Rainbow Chalets and the Coconut Grove style rooms.

More luxury, visitors can choose Tunamaya Resort near Genting (Southwest Island) to enjoy spa services and more facilities. Swiss Cottage Resort Tekek is located between Genting and Salang, a high-quality mini resort with wooden beds, meditation decoration, and sea views.

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Things to do in Tioman Island



The beaches in Tioman are very beautiful with blue water and white sand. You can dive between the sea in the Juara area. The river is overlooking the sea at Nipah, where salt water and fresh water make a beautifully sponge-filled oceanfront an ideal place to swim. In addition, you will also find golden sands at the northwest coast of the island, Salang.


Tioman is a famous diving spot in the world, beautiful and diverse marine ecosystems are well preserved. The suitable locations for scuba diving are the west coast, the northern side of Air Batang, especially the beach near Pulau Tuai, also known as the Coral Island.


Not only the sea, coming to Tioman, you can also climb mountains. You can join the hiking trails beyond Juara, where you can climb the Tioman Mountain, long treks to the top of the mountain and climbing sports climb up the towering cliffs.

View the island by canoe


You can rent a canoe or take a tour to visit the island as a cultural experience in the traditional village here for 70MYR per person (about 17 dollars) for a long tour and prices from 30 -50MYR / person (from 7-8 dollars).

Other activities

Once arrive in Tioman, besides the main activities; visitors can also take part in the thrilling games such as paragliding, windsurfing … or you can go to the Massage cafes with fish to enjoy feeling interesting when the fish massage with only a few pieces of bread.

What to eat?
Malaysia is a famous country for its cuisine, with interference between India, China, Indonesia and many other regions. So, on Tioman island, there are many dishes and restaurants for you to choose to enjoy the special food, including Air Batang restaurant is the first choice of many people want to eat BBQ fish, shrimp, squid as well as other seafood. In addition, Santai Bistro restaurant serves dishes like fried shrimp, Thai tom yum soup and salad dressing also captured the hearts of many customers.

Some other tips and advice

  • You should exchange Malaysia money in Kuala Lumpur and if you exchange on the island is worse because the exchange rate is quite low.
  • Due to the weather on the island is so hot, most of the time you are outdoors, you should bring sunscreen.
  • Carry your camera under the water to save the most beautiful moments.
  • Tioman Island is a tax-free area so you can shop for nuts, tacky souvenirs, and T-shirts at a few small shops scattered around the town of Teke
  • Tioman Island is close to Singapore, so you can consider making a reasonable route, if possible, you can come to Singapore.