Where To Go In Malaysia For Short Trip That Is Best Keep Secret

where to go in malaysia for short trip

Exploring the incredible world can make a holiday successful without any question. So here are few Hand-Picked Places to explore in Malaysia. Digging into the unknown, sharing every new fun experience, making memories and laugh on those moments later is everything we always crave for. Malaysia is the perfect place to embark the most epic adventure.

Gunung Kinabalu

Let’s begin the story of the tallest Malaysian mountain, Mount Kinabalu. This mountain’s peak raises its head majestically through the heart of the rainforest. The whole area is a National Park that is also a “World Heritage Site” of UNESCO in Borneo. It is the most popular mountain for hikers. Every year over 40,000 hikers treks the mountain to reach the peak.  However, all can’t make it to the top. You don’t need any special training or equipment to climb this mountain. Guidance is available here.

Gunung Ledang

Located in Gunung National Park, the legendary mountain is the highest mountain in Johor state.  You can easily reach the mountain by a couple of hours’ car drive from both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The easier transport and magnificent natural scenery have made this a popular mountain. It’ll take a five-hour challenge to climb up the mountain. The trekking level is bit moderate.

Gunung Ledang

Gunung Gayong

Gunung Gayong is the 9th highest mountain of the country. The trekking is not for the beginners. You need experience and good fitness in order to reach the summit. You also need a local guide to hike because the trekking trail is either poorly signposted or not at all.


Gunung Gagau

It’s an absolute adventure to trek the Gunung Gagau Mountain.  The trail is easy and less time-consuming. The climbing can be done in a single day but the base can be found after 2 days’ journey down the river.  And the fun begins there to make the whole journey a wilderness adventurous trail.  Enjoy the river travel, hiking, and camping.

Gunung Gagau

Gunung Jerai

Gunung Jerai, known as ‘Kedah Peak’ is not a tall mountain, but the surrounding flat paddy fields make it looks tallest. Jerai Mountain is a large a limestone covered by forest. From the peak, the paddy flatlands look amazing.

Gunung Gagau

Redang Island, Terengganu: Redang is the paradise for enjoying a perfect honeymoon! Jungle around the Island, shiny white sand, fishes and corals under the crystal clear water make the Island irreplaceable.

Enjoy your honeymoon in Malaysia

Time Capsule Retreat:

Staycation is just the hit nowadays among all the travel-lovers, especially the youngsters. Enter into the time capsule with your BFF and forget all the stress of the life for a day at least in Pahang. These capsules are made up of concrete cylinder. Their unique idea of living in the capsules represents the minimalism of daily life and gives us a new way to love the nature.

Time Capsule

Tasik Kenyir:

Southeast Asia’s one f the largest artificial lake- Tasik Kenyir is in Terengganu.  It may look dull and boring at first look but this place has a lot of entertaining activities for the visitors. A lake is an adventurous place offering blissful waterfall excursion and fishing. If two best friends are looking for a different kind of adventure then this is the best place.

Rainbow Waterfall:

The name says it all! Yes! Here you can whiteness the magical rainbow by the great waterfall. The strong water is falling down from the high stone ledge and hitting the rocky pool beneath. Every waterfall creates rainbow very often but this fall within the hills creates rainbow consistently. Moreover, the journey to the hills is so thrilling which you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

best waterfalls Malaysia

Legoland, Johor:

It’s not a natural destination but still, MalaysiaTourism suggests this place if you want to fall in love with a non-natural fun-land. Legoland now stands for the joy and pride of Malaysia which is not only made for kids. Two best friends may choose this place to re-live the childhood together. Most importantly don’t miss to check the Miniland out for treating your imagination with the Lego made landmarks.