Mount Mulu

mount mulu

Mount Mulu is a sandstone and shale mountain. It is the second highest a mountain peak in the state of Sarawak located in the confines of Gunung Mulu National park. It has beautiful scenery with geomorphic and outstanding structural characteristics which provide a better understanding of earth’s history.

mount mulu

Mt Molu was explored in 1920 when a Berwan rhino hunter Tama Nilong discovered the south-west ridge near the mountain. The earlier expedition was also done but just go in vain. The mountain is known for its pitcher plant its cave contains millions of bats and swiftlets flying near the cave provides a beautiful scenery. It attracts tourist adventure to have phenomenal tracking experience.

Mount Mulu have a wide variety of in-situ conservation of biological diversity and protection of endangered species. Mount Molu landmark area is Gunung Mulu National Park, and direction nearby to Mount Mulu include East Park, Mount API and East Malaysia.

Mount Mulu is a part of Gunung National park and to reach there you have to take flight from Miri which is in northeast Sarawak. The trail to Mount Molu goes through various diverse flora and fauna and you will get closeness to nature. Molu park provides guided hike up the mountain. There is forest hut along the various route to the mountain. These huts provide you all types of facility ranging from cooking food, drinking waterbed to sleep which makes your journey even easier without any degree of pain cause. The distance between these huts and mountain base depends upon the route opted, which is around 5 to 18 km. These camps with guided tour also provide emergency evacuation in the time of danger.

Trekking on Mount Molu requires a certain level of physical fitness and it provides real adventure with beautiful glimpses of the neighboring area including other mountain and Mount Molu National park as Mount Molu has the highest peak among the other two peak situated in the National park. The degree of the importance of Mount Mulu is such that even the national park got its name on the name of Mount Mulu.

mount mulu

If you are a photographer and loves nature you should definitely choose Mount Mulu to capture all the natures panorama in you’re a camera which is marvelous from such a height. Mount Molu is also one of the best options for geologist and scientist to carry out their experiments.

For a scientist it will provide a great degree of diversified natures component to test upon and to come up with their finding and geologist will certainly learn about the origin and composition of rocks lying there as it one of the oldest mountains. When you reach the summit then you will get real adventure as you get such a scenic beauty which is par excellence and beyond your imagination.